Top 10 Best Water Parks of Maharashtra

Maharashtra is a dynamic and diverse state, full of different cultures, traditions, and languages. Countless tourists across the year frequent famous cities like Mumbai, Nashik, and Lonavala. One of the things that Maharashtra is most famous for is its water parks. Yes! The state boasts of some of the most fantastic water parks in the country.

Let us check out the top 10 best water parks of Maharashtra that you must definitely visit when you find yourself in the state with friends or family!

Water Kingdom, Mumbai

The Water Kingdom in Mumbai is one of the most popular water parks in Maharashtra. This large park offers a plethora of rides, amusement, and attractions for people of all ages.

You can easily explore the different zones of the park that are themed artfully as historical ruins, lost cities as well as underwater metropolises. With sufficient room for kids and toddlers, this place is a must-visit for families when in Mumbai.

Imagica Water Park, Khopoli

Imagica in Khopoli is another well-known water park in Maharashtra. This park is very popular for blending Greek motifs and Bollywood. The park was opened in 2013 and in order to meet all the ecological standards, it employs a rainwater harvesting reservoir. You can enjoy a number of activities such as live music, a lazy river, a beachfront, and a kids’ play area.

Wet N Joy Water Park, Lonavala

The Wet N Joy Water Park in Lonavala must also be on your to-visit list. Adding this theme water park to your vacation or holiday will definitely put a lot of stars in your break from work and life. It is the perfect place to spend with your friends and family. In fact, adding this park to your trip planner in Lonavala is sure to be a highlight for you and your travel buddies.

Tikuji-ni-wadi, Thane

Tikuji-ni-wadi in Thane is another great choice, and visiting this place promises a fun time for both adults and kids. There are countless activities at this water park that you can take up in addition to rides as well as other amenities. The water park is divided into many themes that you can choose from such as the dinosaur park, several carousels, and Ferris Wheels and a lot more.

Wet N Joy Water Park, Shirdi

There is another excellent Wet N Joy Water Park in Shirdi if you ever find yourself in this religious place. This water park has the biggest wave pool of India and a complex full of jaw-dropping rides and water slides.

The water park has even created a rather impressive simulation of the best whitewater rapids you will find in the country. All in all, it promises an exceptional time with friends and family.

Shubham Water World, Nashik

Shubham Water World in Nashik is another extraordinary place. It is one of the main attractions in Nashik that attracts locals and tourists alike. With countless rides and fun slides, you are in for an unparalleled time at this water park in Maharashtra. Adding this to your Nashik travel planner is bound to be the best decision you make.

Shangrila Resort & Waterpark, Mumbai

The Shangrila Resort & Waterpark in Mumbai can easily be regarded as the perfect retreat in the city of dreams. Situated on the Mumbai-Nashik highway, this resort is spectacular for people who crave some unwinding with friends and family. The place is set amidst a vast uninterrupted sky and a crescent of hills. Truly magical!

H2O Water Park, Aurangabad

You can also visit the H2O water park in Aurangabad, Maharashtra which is managed as well as owned by Deogiri Resorts Pvt. Ltd. Since it is the sole water park in Aurangabad and Marathwada, it is quite cherished by the locals.

In addition to that, it is located aesthetically in the Daulatabad valley overlooking the well-known Devgiri Fort. Spending some quality time here with your loved ones is bound to do you a world of “good.”

Krazy Castle Aqua Park, Nagpur

The Krazy Castle Aqua Park in Nagpur is the perfect “hang out” spot with friends and family. This aqua park is a rather picturesque place in Nagpur, away from the hustle-bustle of the city. It attracts visitors from far and wide as it offers a lot of amusement and attractions.

Suraj Water Park, Thane

Last but definitely not least is the Suraj Water Park in Thane. This water park is spread across 17 acres of land and is super picturesque. It also houses the famous human-made fiberglass cave of 103 feet. This is the largest fiberglass cave in Asia and a definite must-visit place.

And there you go! These are the top 10 water parks in the state of Maharashtra that promise to show you and your loved ones a grand time. So, when are you visiting these fun places?

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