How to change font on iPhone and iPad

How to change font on iPhone? Hello fellas, do you want change font in your iPhone and iPad. Now in India apple launched there new iPhone 7 and iPhone plus. In new iPhone, apple use iOS 10. And as you know last iOS 9 have simple text font and size. I guess iOS 10 also used simple and ordinary fonts. If you are also bored with your old iPhone font. then don’t panic, i have a trick by which you can change iPhone font style, size and color.

Many iPhone users want save there battery of devices. Therefore they set small font in there iPhone. From iOS 7, Apple give option of change font size and design. So you don’t need install third party apps. In iOS devices you can change font style and design like bold without using third party apps.

Now read step by step method of trick “How to change font on iPhone”.

Apple latest release iOS 10 and Apple best quality is that they change there setting system in every new updates. So, I explain about How can i change font on every apple iOS ?

 How to change Font size and style in iPhone and iPad of iOS 7 and iOS 8

If you have apple device with iOS 7 and iOS 8 then try below method method for change font size and style.


1 . First off all go to Settings option in iPhone.


2 . Then go to General>>Accessibility option.


3 . If you want edit font size then tap on larger Text option. 


4 . Enable Larger Accessibility Sizes option.


5 . Congrats!!! Now, you can change font size by move slider below on iOS device screen.

6 . For change iOS font style :

  • Go to settings >> General >> Accessibility options.
  • Enable Bold text.
  • Now reboot your iPhone or iPad.
  • Now you can change your font into Bold text.

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How to change Font on iPhone and ipad [ iOS 9 and iOS 10]

By change the size and style of iPhone font. you can read message and text clearly. So if you want do Bold text and large font size in iOS 9 and iOS 10. Then follow below tricks:


1 . First of all go to Settings apps in iPhone.


2 . Then go to Display & Brightness option.


3 . Now you can see option of Text size and Bold Text.


4 . If you want change the font size then go to Text size option.


5 . If you want to do font in Bold Text. Then tap on Bold Text option.


6 . Now reboot your device.


7 . After that you can change font style in Bold Text.


I hope you understand tricks of change font style and size on iOS 7 to iOS 10. this is very easy method for change iPhone font size and style.

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